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AN UPDATE APRIL 16 2011 It has been 8 Years since that Bad Day , Losing half my Right Foot

To the FANS of Motorsports and friends and family,

I Would like to give an UPDATE on how 8 years has been, since having , Half my RIGHT FOOT Torn Off, when a USMTS Modified lost control , with his steering broke, and went off the track and with LESS then a Second to React on what to do, Lose my life probably , by being squished from the waist down, or Attempt to move as fast as I could with all the camera gear on me, so I had tried jumping into a large implement tractor tire , I was standing next to, and thought I had made it in Safely, only to feel a sharp sting in my foot. I popped my head up to see the green flag still waving across on the front straightaway, and I tried waving my hand high as I could , and a Red Flag was displayed , and as I turned back to see my shoe off, and a white sock turned a bloody crimson mess , with the help of track safety crew and Mark Dotson wife Kim, and then Center Pointe hospital ,I am glad to still be here !
I want to Thank EVERYONE who ask how I have been doing, Greatly Appreciated. By the time a night of races is over I am pretty damn sore, and on top of the pain my foot is already in, it pretty much sucks, and ready to take the shoe off and sock and rest the foot the best I can.
2 areas feel like pouring Alcohol on an Open Cut , I could live with this, but there are times when you say , did the Doc try to save too much ?

The DR. Stretched my skin as Far as he could when he put me back together, and I guess in 8 Years time, the skin is just not expanded enough, It would feel like 1 of your worst sunburns then just rub against it with every movement is about the best I can explain it,
And with no foot from the Ball to the Toes, you get PHANTOM PAINS, and for those that may not know , At ANY Time, when ever my body feels like it, a pain level of like a Sledge Hammer Hitting my BIG TOE goes off, and you just want to let out a SCREAM, for about 1 - 3 seconds then its gone, very ,very Crazy .

I would like to Say,THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone that has been there in Support, always helps the good and bad times . Sincerely ,John Lee

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